•  Getting Started With Your |*Wastewater Treatment System

    Getting Started With Your
    Wastewater Treatment System


Installing an on-site wastewater treatment system
involves 3 simple steps:

  • Contact Civcon / Earthsafe for an obligation free quote
  • Let Civcon / Earthsafe assist you to lodge the council application
  • When Council approves your system Civcon will manage the entire installation process for you

How much will it cost ?

Quotes will vary depending on the specific requirements of each local council, as well as a number of other factors detailed below. However, as a guide you should expect to factor in a cost of between $12,000 – 17,000 for complete installation of a domestic wastewater treatment system.

getting-started-with-earthsafe.jpgOther factors to be considered in preparing a quote include:

  • Whether surface or subsurface irrigation is required
  • Cost of Council Application
  • Cost of excavation (site specific)
  • Length of plumbing to the tank (site specific)
  • Water to refill the tanks (if required)
  • Rock excavation or site dewatering (if required)
  • Landscaping or removal of soil (if required)
  • Drafting of plans (if required)

Contact Civcon / Earthsafe direct to discuss your specific needs.

The Process

Important Note:

Before you can build a home on un-sewered land you will need to obtain approval from your local council who will issue the Construction Certificate and your builder can start construction. Council staff are always willing to give you a general idea of council requirements and any restrictions for your property.   

  • First you should contact Civcon / Earthsafe and discuss your plans and the location and number of bedrooms in your proposed new home.
  • Our friendly consultants will be pleased to work with you and provide an obligation free quotation to design and install an Earthsafe system to suit your needs.
  • If your council requires Civcon / Earthsafe will recommend an independent consultant who can prepare a wastewater management report for your site
  • Civcon / Earthsafe staff will assist you to complete the required application form and lodge with council
  • When council approves the system you will receive a Determination which sets out the conditions to operate your Wastewater treatment system
  • Civcon will install your wastewater treatment system, irrigation and arrange for a final council inspection.
  • Once the system has been commissioned and passed by Council you will receive a Certificate of Occupancy so you can move into your new home.

View the full installation process here