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    Domestic Wastewater Solutions


Why Wastewater Treatment?

Solid and liquid waste products generated in the home are largely organic in nature. They will naturally putrify or decompose. If the decomposition process is not controlled it produces noxious odours and may cause destruction of recreational, agricultural and public water supply, lakes or streams. The most important point is that untreated wastewater may create a serious threat to human health. 

Building Your Home Off the Grid?

Earthsafe has on-site wastewater treatment  solutions for domestic situations when the property is not connected to a central water authority. These products are modular and can be expanded as required. We have solutions for:






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Housing Complexes

AQ-300DPI_smaller.jpgWhat is a home sewage treatment plant?

(Accredited by NSW Health Department and Certified to comply with AS1546.3)

A home sewage treatment plant is designed to treat all wastewater at your home. It uses the same proven treatment process as Municipal Sewage Treatment Works.

Wastewater is the water borne waste material including water from kitchen sinks, baths, laundries and toilets. Generally wastewater containing household waste matter and human body waste is classed as domestic sewage.

Servicing Wastewater Treatment Plants

It is a requirement that all approved treatment plants are serviced by a qualified wastewater service technician, usually every 3 months. A service report is issued to you and submitted to your council. 

These service reports will enable you to monitor the performance of your system to ensure it is operating at its peak performance.

When operating correctly the treated water will be safely discharged to the environment, recycled onto your garden, and protecting your family health.

All Earthsafe systems are fitted with audible and visual alarms to monitor water levels in the tanks and the air pressure in the treatment tank. In the unlikely event that a breakdown occurs contact Earthsafe to arrange a technician to restore your system.

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