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Earthsafe was established in 1953 in Newcastle. In 1985 Earthsafe commenced production of the D10 Aerated Septic System which was accredited by NSW Health Department for above ground irrigation. This was a major breakthrough. Since then Earthsafe has made continual improvements to its product line. With a well-earned reputation for dedicated customer service Earthsafe has become the market leader in the Newcastle – Hunter Valley Region. 

Earthsafe treatment systems are viable alternatives for wastewater treatment for rural and urban sites not connected to central sewage treatment plants. Earthsafe customers enjoy the same ‘flush and forget’ benefits of centralised sewage at considerable savings in capital and running costs. The treated water is clear, odourless and disinfected so that it can be recycled for garden irrigation (subject to your local council requirements).

Earthsafe provides total on-site water management and support including:

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